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You don't need a million followers - but a strong network.|

Social Media Coaching for Executives and Experts in B2B

For some, self-promotion just doesn’t seem right. Why? Because they think it must be something that is aggressive, intrusive, loud, crass, and offensive.

It doesn’t have to be like that.

I want to guide professionals to be calm, sensible and self-confident in positioning themselves in this noisy and frantic digital world.

Does this resonate with you?

In my one-on-one social media coaching sessions, I help you to achieve your professional goals discreetly, subtly, and effectively. We focus mainly on LinkedIn.

My coachings go much beyond the usual “blah”. I am all the way behind you: I support you in drafting your own value proposition, in coming up with a solid social media strategy and provide individual research, networking and editorial services.

Benefit from my technical, strategic, and editorial knowledge honed from 25 years in new media and insight into executive matters with German DAX companies. My approach is always emphasising and concentrating on the essentials. I do not sell Silicon Snake Oil.

I offer my services in Newcastle and in Sydney. Please connect with me on LinkedIn

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