The What, How, Why - and a slogan

October 14, 2019 · 2 minute read

I recently had the pleasure to co-lead some workshops to develop purpose statements and value propositions for several teams.

One main question was: “What do you do?” - and I don’t mean your job description. Seriously, what are you are really doing all day? What would you tell your family or friends what you do? In a simple sentence everyone could understand…

For some, this seemed to be a very difficult question to answer. Isn‘t that both interesting and worrying many of us are not doing what we are supposed to do?

It even got more difficult to agree on a value proposition: Which value - which benefit - do you provide to your most relevant stakeholders? Not a slogan - but a real promise, which you have to prove every day!

And then the Why. What‘s the purpose of it all? Why do you do what you do? Is it only about making money? Think again!

So, during the sessions, I sensed some confusion in the room: what/mission/vision/how/benefits/slogan/purpose…they all got mixed up.

How do they fit together? Here‘s my attempt to explain it in this short video:

The WHY, WHAT, HOW - how to position yourself in social media and elsewhere: Can you figure it out by yourself? If not, and you live in the Sydney or Newcastle area, please let me know and we‘ll find out together!