The B2B Social Media Coaching method

June 27, 2019 ยท 3 minute read

B2BSoMe Coaching is never just about “technical enabling”, but always about comprehensive thinking and acting. Anything else would be a waste of (life)time!

B2B Coaching Method

Work at eye level: confidential and professional

What makes my coaching unique? I don’t want to bore you; I don’t want to steal your time. Therefore, it is always my goal to pass on exactly the aspects and tricks, so that you can successfully exploit the opportunities of social media in B2B.

Partnership In my coachings I focus on establishing an open and trustworthy atmosphere. It should be worthwhile and fun for both of us.

Together we work out plans and measures that best suit your personal and professional goals.

For me, “partnership” also means “respect” and “integrity”: If we work together in this way, then we are at eye level and you can easily achieve your goals.

Pragmatic I’m not running a generic, boring coaching program with you. We always work practice-oriented. We look at your competitors and influencers in your field. If needed we will shoot a video or take a respectable profile photo. Or we’ll look at how you manage your contacts and how it matches with the contact information from LinkedIn.

To help getting you started, I can also support with drafting articles in LinkedIn.

Flexible and structured Despite all pragmatism, we have a common goal. And we can only achieve this if we proceed in a structured manner. So we need to find out what works and what did not. For that we define our own standards and benchmarks.
Confidential Cooperation is always a matter of trust. None of our conversations will ever reach the the outside world.

The coachings at a glance

The coaching programs are tailored to your needs. B2BSoMe offers support from beginners to professionals; for individuals on their own account and for companies.

Individual Social Media Basic Coaching

In our personal individual coaching sessions we find out how you can position yourself digitally, without restricting your daily work - on the contrary: an optimal dose of social media measures will support your offline business success. Right from the start, we take into account your personal motivation, goals and your available time.

Digital Visibility For Experts

In our individual social media coaching for experts in B2B you will learn how to get the most out of social media for your own career. I also offer this coaching for small teams of up to 7 experts.

C-Level Social Media Coaching

In my personal and highly confidential coaching sessions, we prepare the CEO both mentally and technically for digital opinion leadership in the market. We can go different ways: I can train the contact person in the communications department/CEO help so they can advise and support the CEO independently, or I can join them and together we can find the optimal measures.

Social Media Refresher Coaching for Communication Professionals

In my refresher coachings I bring you up to date in social media and support you in the technical handling of the networks.

Optimal Workflows For Professionals

Finally, a coaching that doesn’t end at beginner level. In the individual coaching sessions we inspect your ambitions and your previous workflows (your own, but also the cooperation with your team) and develop shortcuts.