B2B Social Media Coaching for experts

June 27, 2017 ยท 2 minute read

How will your market and your industry change over the next few years? How will - do you have to change - and keep up? And: Are you really staying in your company until retirement? (If that’s the case and you only have a few years left, then you wouldn’t have to make such an effort in social media.)

As a respected expert in your field, you don’t really need to worry. Because the good guys will always be successful. But the question is: Who actually knows that you are good - except your boss maybe?

How visible are you in your own company, in your industry, also across industries. How visible are you personally with your customers, with your best contacts at specialist conferences or also with headhunters? One thing is also clear: visibility ultimately means more recognition - and also more financial recognition for you.

In our individual social media coaching for experts in B2B, you will learn how to make the most of social media for your own career using the B2BSoMe method:

✅ Get to know the most important mechanics of LinkedIn and co..
✅ With your own strategy, you can act efficiently and accurately.
✅ Strengthen your connections with your peers.
✅ Use business networks for research.
✅ Establish yourself as the digital opinion leader of your guild with technical articles.
✅ Be visible (and valuable) to other businesses, headhunters and the press.

An important principle of the B2BSoMe method is that we develop your personal positioning and goals from the outset and use these as the basis for further measures. In this way, you can move forward more efficiently - regardless of whether you are a “complete beginner” or already a networking professional.

As a “Topic Owner” you don’t need to chum up your contacts. What counts is the content. As a journalist, I can also support you in creating longer, opinion-forming articles.