Consulting and project management

June 27, 2017 ยท 1 minute read

My work is always to connect the dots. I keep an eye on both the details and the overall picture. That’s why, besides coaching and editorial services, I also offer consulting services.


As an experienced “content expert” I consult companies and individuals on various topics:

✅ Your own branding strategy in social media
✅ Your personal cross-channel and cross-media branding campaign
✅ Content marketing strategy from conception to detailed implementation
✅ Corporate social media strategy and internal workflows
✅ Drafting a value proposition and purpose statement - and to effectively communicate proof points.
✅ Optimization of processes to increase efficiency
✅ Personal management according to the GTD method (Getting Things Done)

Project Management

In contrast to some junior project managers, I am not only interested in the processes and timings but in high quality delivery. I am always well organized and a constructive, relaxed working partner.

I usually offer project management together with quality assurance for the various tasks. In this way you achieve success faster and also more cost-efficiently.


  • 2x managing editor and project manager at a complete web relaunch of a DAX30 company
  • 5x successful production control, editing, translation, image, production of a corporate responsibility portal (incl. CR report) of a DAX30 company