Editorial Services and more

June 27, 2017 ยท 2 minute read

I offer over 20 years of experience in publishing both print and online. Since 1993 I have been journalistically following and documenting the developments of the Internet - an exciting time, because I always had to familiarize myself with new technical topics, people, their ideas and economic relevance and stay tuned.

In the meantime, I have been travelling through various clients in various subject areas: e.g. IT, business, technology and travelling - and everything in between and alongside, in German and in English.

For you, this means I can not only coach or consult you, but also provide editorial support.

I offer the following editorial services:

✅ Creating articles (LinkedIn, Blogs, Websites, Print) in German and English
✅ editing and proofreading of existing texts in German and English (with native speakers)
✅ Creation of postings and tweets for LinkedIn and Twitter
✅ Research for content, target groups and social media market research with weekly/monthly reporting

Coaching and editorial service

Coaching and editing in a perfect combination: The special thing about this approach is that you not only end up with a presentable article, but much more - you now understand what is important and have access to the essential journalistic tools to become active yourself (or to search for topics yourself).

Your way to opinion leadership

With longer articles in LinkedIn, the so-called “Long Form Posts”, you can establish yourself efficiently with your target group (and beyond) as an opinion leader on your topic.

Exactly here I support you with my integrated approach of coaching, content creation (also in English!) and quality assurance (if you want to write yourself).

The program comprises different modules, which you can put together according to your wishes:


Together we develop your own publishing strategy and positioning with the help of articles (series) in LinkedIn.


I will show you a sophisticated procedure in order to not only efficiently build up the planning, research and structuring but also to build it up according to the target group.

Your article

You decide if you want to write it yourself or if you want me to do it for you as “Ghost Writer” (also in English language!)

Quality assurance

If you write yourself, then the quality must be right - before you get started. I am at your disposal as a sparring partner. I also offer proofreading for final quality assurance.